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Quite simply, stackable rings are rings that stack up on top each other. They stack one on another and you wear them all on the same finger

One example of stackable rings is your wedding and engagement rings. The symmetrical stacking method is the most popular. It means placing your engagement ring in the middle and 'locking it in' with two bands or eternity rings, one on either side.

There is nothing wrong with stacking 3 mismatched rings together. If you love how it looks, just do it!

There are stackable rings that are sold as sets, but you can also combine mix and match whatever rings you like. It is even popular now to combine golden and silver rings! A big no-no just a couple of years ago - now seems to be trending everywhere. 

Stackable rings help the owner create a modern energy, stylish and personal look.

Looking for the perfect  stackable ring set? At Marusia.Shop you'll find rings that can be worn stacked together or styled solo for a variety of versatile looks. This a perfect present for any young girl who is just starting her jewelry collection or for fashionista that wants to add on to her jewelry box.


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